Victor Thruster 1H H Badminton Racket

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The flexible, thin shaft of the Thruster-1H H is suitable for players looking for more power in their game.

Furthermore, the power transmission is enhanced by our famous PowerBox technology.


POWER BOX – The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque and can stand higher string tensions.

FRS – Based on multi-layered carbon fibre, the advanced Fibre Reinforced System (FRS) not only improves elasticity, but also offers stable controllability with high tension string.

SEVEN TWO 72 Stringing pattern with 72 holes.


Material Graphite and Resin

  • Balance  Mid
  • Stiff / Flex Slightly Flexible
  • ColourLunar Rock
  • Frame weight 4U
  • Grip Size G5
  • Strung Weight abt. 86g
  • StringStrung with multifilament string
  • Max String Tension < 33lbs (15kg)

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