Tecnifibre T-Rebound 255 Tempo 3

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Grip Size: G2
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Designed specifically for women, the first adult racket with the T-Rebound 255 Tempo 3.

The T-Rebound 255 Tempo3 was designed specifically for women. Ideal for young female players as a first adult racket, it’s super light without compromising on power. The lightest in the line at 255 g for an easy-to-manage product. In order to compensate the lack of inertia due to the light weight, power is provided by combining two technologies. On the one hand, the Tempo System, which offers an optimised racket length for faster acceleration and quick swings. And, on the other hand, a specific 14x18 string pattern which releases the elasticity of the strings for maximum energy recovery and grip effect. Pre-strung to be used right away, it’s also equipped with the “EZ Lock” which are longer grommets for an extended lifetime and easier re-stringing.

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