Sure Shot Matthew Syed Outdoor Bat (Yellow)

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The Matthew Syed Outdoor Table Tennis bat from Sure Shot – one of the leading brands in Table Tennis


The Matthew Syed Outdoor has been designed specifically for outdoor play; both weather resistant and shock resistant. The bat includes a thermo-plastic rubber with elasticity and spring effect that provides excellent control with good speed and spin. For added comfort it includes a flared handle for easier grip.


Endorsed by Matthew Syed – Britain’s most famous and successful table tennis player of the modern era. Four times English and three times Commonwealth Champion, Matthew Syed has thrilled crowds throughout the world with his spectacular mix of long-distance defence and sharp attack.


Bat Specification:


Blade:                   Thermo plastic – weather resistant and shock resistant


Handle:                Flaredhandle


Grip:                      Sure Grip


Rubber                 Thermo plastic rubber


Speed:                  70%


Spin:                      60%


Control:               70%


Player:                  Matthew Syed - Britain’s most famous and successful table tennis player of the modern era.

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