Sensory Toys Textured Pads Memory Game

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Sensory memory game is played by placing the smaller discs inside the bag, place your hand inside the bag feeling the texture of the pad and then matching the texture you feel to the larger textured pad using your sight.

The game involves and develops the sense of touch and has a positive effect on the development of a child's small motor skills, concentration and attention. Various disc and ball structures can help the desensitisation of your child's hands or feet. Thanks to walking on the discs, your child develops balance, motor coordination and spatial planning. At the same time, a child's muscular tension is normalised, which can have a positive influence on improving the posture and limiting foot defects ,such as valgus or flat foot.

This game is perfect for making group and therapeutic activities with children more attractive. The discs are perfect for creating various types of obstacles courses and heath paths. The balls may be used for body massage. Each of the pads are different colours, with a different texture and the large pads are each a different shape. Made from soft silicon, therefore easy to wash clean.

Small round: 10cm diameter x 0.6cm
Bag: 14cm x 20cm
Large: Round : 26cm diameter x 0.6cm | Star : 29cm x 0.6cm | Hexagon : 27cm x 0.6cm | Triangle : 25cm x 0.6cm | Square : 24cm x 24cm x 0.6cm
Material: Silicone
Usage: Sensory, Special Needs, ADHD
Age: 3+

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