Little Shot Basketball Unit with EB backboard

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The Little Shot is an ideal starter unit for young children aged 4+.

With its telescopic top pole design, the backboard and ring can easily be adjusted in height between 1.65m and 2.25 to suit a variety of ages. It includes a strong polyethylene backboard measuring 60cm x 43cm with white background and red shooters square. The unit includes a solid 34cm ring suited for size 3 or 5 basketballs with a standard net. The backboard and ring are set on a sturdy steel 3-piece pole – with the top and middle being telescopic for height adjustment. Also included with the unit, as standard, is pole padding for added protection to players.

The ideal unit for youngsters playing basketball at home or for primary schools – for use indoors and outdoors

The 700 is approved by the British Basketball League – and is available with or without the British Basketball League Logo on the backboard.

Backboard:Strong polyethylene backboard measuring 24” x 17” (60cm x 43cm)

Ring: 13.5” Steel ring (34cm)

Height:5.4’ to 7.2’ (1.65m to 2.2m)

Adjustment: Telescopic

Pole: 3-piece steel

Padding: Provided as standard

Base: Blow moulded HDPE to be filled with water / sand


Weight 12kg

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