Sure Shot The Racket Pack Primary Equipment Pack

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Part of Badminton England’s ‘The Racket Pack’ programme. Each product included within the programme has been specifically developed with Badminton England for the younger Badminton Player. All rackets within the range are designed to suit an age range of the players.

The Racket Pack Primary Equipment Bag is the complete tool for a primary school teacher to instruct badminton lessons. The pack has been specially developed for primary schools and includes all the relevant age products, as well as quantities required to teach a class.

The pack includes 22 rackets in total, 6 tubes of shuttles, 1 racket holdall and 1 lightweight net and post set.

The set includes:

8 x Racket Pack Smash 21” Rackets

8 x Racket Pack Tink 23” Rackets

6 x Racket Pack Flo 25" Rackets

6 x Racket Pack Shuttlecocks (tubes of 6)

1 x Racket Pack Lightweight Net & Post set

1 x Racket Pack Holdall with wheels

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