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Welcome to the power you can feel!

Power that feels more comfortable, more reliable than ever.

FX Series - Dunlop Tennis Rackets at Bassline Retail Ltd

Fuelled by a new aerodynamic frame shape, a larger sweet spot fused with a consistently smooth and stable hitting experience. Capture power like you never have done before. 

The Technology

Power Boost Groove - Balance power and comfort with a new grommet structure. Play in comfort with a precision groove engineered into the racket frame. Enlarge the sweet spot thanks to a new grommet structure that increases string movement Hit with more power and more comfort.

Power Boost Frame GeometryFeel the power with a new frame shape. Hit harder thanks to a new aerodynamic head shape engineered to pack more power Get a more balanced feel thanks to a sharp, modern-looking shaft. Strike consistent shots thanks to a wider throat design that delivers greater stability. Play with more power and more reliability.

Flex Touch Resin - Move and strike the ball with more comfort and power. Smooth out your game with a high-elasticity and vibration-damping racket. Play with more power and feel. 


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FX Series - Dunlop Tennis Rackets at Bassline Retail Ltd