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The CX Series is the one for you ...

Control the power, control the shot, control the point. 

CX Series - Dunlop Tennis Rackets at Bassline Ltd

The CX Control series is packed full of technology to put the game in your hands - giving you the control to hit harder and play longer. This is control.

The Technology

Power Grid String Tech - Control with ease. Select the shot you want and trust the redesigned string bed for greater accuracy, so you control the point.

Sonic core made with infinergy by basf - Control with power. Time to perform, hit hard with increased rebound and decreased vibration. We call it controlled power. Sonic Core, located on both sides of the racket head, provides superior rebound and up to 37% reduced vibration*

*Compared to standard Dunlop rackets

Flex Booster - Control with comfort. Repeat shot after shot in comfort. FLEX BOOSTER lets you hit harder and play longer. FLEX BOOSTER technology filters out negative vibrations in the shaft area, allowing players to enjoy the lower stiffness of the racket.


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CX Series - Dunlop Tennis Rackets at Bassline Ltd